Damien Lucas Gets His Ass Soapy

This sexy twink Damien Lucas loves to take baths. It is no wonder he has asked to do a lot of his photo shoots from the tub. We didn’t hesitate to approve the request as we love soapy men as much as the next guy. We asked Damien why he likes baths so much he said it relaxes him, but also allows him to jerk off and cleanup all in one. I’m down for that. Another great set by Damien for Boyfun!

Sexy Damien Lucas

Mmmmm, smooth fit and dark.   I’d love to get the chance to bust a nut all over Damien’s stomach.

Damien Lucas Bare Ass

What an ass!   Thank you Damien for pulling your underwear down past your smooth butt.   Can I spank it?

Damien Lucas Soapy Ass

Look at that beautiful cock, all wet and soapy.   Damien Lucas can’t keep his hands off his nutsack as he cleans up his beautiful body in the shower.     Once all wet and clean, Damien masturbates till he sent a massive cumshot all over himself.  Guess its time to get soapy again!

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Damien Pulls Off His Shorts

In this video from gay star Damien Lucas, we get to watch as he gives a slow sexy strip tease.   Damien is standing shirtless in only his yellow shorts, and that chest is looking mighty fine.   Damien slowly starts to pull his shorts off his young body, and boom we got ass cheeks.

After stripping for you, Damien is feeling extremely horny and the video quickly turns into a jerk off session.   I could watch this twink stroke his cock all day long.

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Damien Lucas Jerks Off In Bubblebath

Earlier we showed you a short video of gay pornstar Damien Lucas having some fun in the bubblebath.   Now we are going to show you the sexy twink jerking off in the bubblebath, with his hard cock firmly in his hand.   In this set from BFCollection, Damien plays around with the bubbles, but he gets so damn horny that he has no choice but to jerk off.  The animal instinct of man kicked it, and busting his nut is the only solution!

Gorgeous Damien Lucas

With his brown t-shirt raised above his head, Damien gives us a great shot of his hairy armpits.   Damn that face is deadly.

Fit Damien Lucas In Briefs

Damien kicks off his blue jeans as his hot bath nears being ready.  Just got to add the bubbles.   Fun is about to begin.

Soapy Damien Lucas

With his sexy body covered in bubbles, Damien Lucas is stroking his hard cock in the bath, while his other hand is playing and fingering his ass.   Damien is clearly having a great time in the bath, would you like to join him?

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Damien Lucas Fingers His Asshole

This gay video features the gorgeous twink Damien Lucas as he strokes his hard cock with his left hand and fingers his tight asshole with his right hand.   Damien really gets his fingers up deep in his anus, and judging by the moans and groans coming from this sexy boy, he is clearly enjoying himself.   The end of the video inside Boyfun Collection has Damien Lucas blowing his load all over the damn place.

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Gay pornstar Damien Lucas Sucks Toes

This set is for all you feet fetish guys out there.  Damien Lucas shows off his sexy feet as well as his great flexibility as he lifts his bare feet up to his mouth and sucks on his toes.    Not only does Damien show his sexy feet off in this set from Boyfun, but he also sends a massive cumshot all over his feet.

Brunette Damien Lucas

It’s so obvious to see why this sexy boy is so damn popular since his debut into the world of gay porn.

Damien Lucas Kisses His Feet

Showing off his flexibility, Damien pulls his toes up to his mouth and begins to kiss them.  Anyone else want to play with his feet?

Damien Lucas Sexy Feet

Damien is loving showing you his beautiful feet, but I can’t help but stare at his white briefs and the bulge that is every so looming in my eyes right now.   I want to see that cock unleashed and standing at full attention.   Lucky for us by the end of this set, Damien has stroked his hard cock to the point of climax and then busts a nut all over his feet.

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Athletic Twink Damien Lucas Shows Cock

After a game of football, athletic twink Damien Lucas is hot, sweaty and feeling a little horny.    We asked him to slide his shorts down past his ass a little bit and he happily did so.   I’d wax the shit out of that smooth ass.   By the end of the set at BFCollection, Damien has his hard cock in his hand and he is wailing away on it.   He ends up blowing his load all over his football!

Athletic Twink Damien Lucas

Go Cowboys!   Damien Lucas is a fan of the Cowboys, and football in general.   That football doesn’t know what is coming its way!   A load of jizz baby!

Damien Lucas Smooth Ass

Raise your hand guys if you want to absolutely wreck that smooth ass of twink star Damien Lucas?

Damien Lucas Flashes Cock

Damien slowly pulls down the front of his white briefs and we get our first glimpse of that gorgeous cock.  Soon Damien is stroking his dick for you and eventually blows a load all over his football.    Fantastic cumshot too!

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Hot Twink Damien Lucas Bubble Bath

Splish splash I was taking a bath.   Well I wasn’t, but Damien Lucas definitely is, and he is having a damn good time with the bubbles.    This video from BoyFun shows Damien first in his briefs as he plays in the bubble bath, but ends up leading to a great jerk off where he finally busts a nut.   Good thing Damien is already in the bath, makes for an easy cleanup!

Damien Lucas is always looking for sexy guys to come join him in the bath.    Masturbating is always fun, but lets face it, some hardcore sex in the tub is always better.

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Gay Twink Damien Lucas Flexes

With a tight flat stomach like his, it’s no wonder that Damien Lucas likes to take his shirt off and flex those muscles.   He is not ripped up by and means, but he is very toned and you can see his abs clearly.  I’d love to spend a few minutes taking my tongue and tracing the outline of those abs.

Brown Haired Twink Damien Lucas

I think there is no question that I find Damien’s best feature to be his big brown eyes.  They pierce right through you and get me rock hard everytime.

Shirtless Damien Moss

With a body like that, is there any wonder why Damien Lucas has taking the gay porn world by storm since his introduction?

Damien Lucas Flexes

With his see through black briefs still covering his beautiful cock, Damien Lucas flexes his muscles with his arm above his head.   The set continues with Damien removing those briefs and results in a great masturbation session.  He works that cock so well.

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Damien Lucas Jerking Off On Bed

Gorgeous twink Damien Lucas looks absolutely adorable with his full mop of hair on his head.   Damien is feeling extremely horny and is determined to bust a nut today.   We convinced him to pull out his cock and start jerking off on his bed.   Before he gets into the action, we Damien to show us his ass.   Do you guys like it?  Thanks to Boyfun Collection for shooting this beautiful twink.

Damien Lucas

Check out how big and deep those brown eyes on this sexy boy are?   Damien Lucas could melt many a heart with those eyes.

Damien Lucas Ripped Chest

With his brown t-shirt now off his very tight torso, Damien is just moments away from jerking off in his bed.

Damien Lucas Bare Ass

Damien Lucas has taken his underwear off and turned to the camera to show us all his terrific smooth ass.   I love watching his nutsack hang like that.   You should see the way it swings freely in his videos!    Come on Damien, bust a nut for us!

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