Damien Lucas Jerks Off In Bubblebath

Earlier we showed you a short video of gay pornstar Damien Lucas having some fun in the bubblebath.   Now we are going to show you the sexy twink jerking off in the bubblebath, with his hard cock firmly in his hand.   In this set from BFCollection, Damien plays around with the bubbles, but he gets so damn horny that he has no choice but to jerk off.  The animal instinct of man kicked it, and busting his nut is the only solution!

Gorgeous Damien Lucas

With his brown t-shirt raised above his head, Damien gives us a great shot of his hairy armpits.   Damn that face is deadly.

Fit Damien Lucas In Briefs

Damien kicks off his blue jeans as his hot bath nears being ready.  Just got to add the bubbles.   Fun is about to begin.

Soapy Damien Lucas

With his sexy body covered in bubbles, Damien Lucas is stroking his hard cock in the bath, while his other hand is playing and fingering his ass.   Damien is clearly having a great time in the bath, would you like to join him?

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  1. Axel says:

    Dam this foo is sexy man i would love to meet him in his room 😉

  2. Waqar Tariq says:

    Very very amzing seen.

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